Small Quantity PCB Manufacturer

Small Quantity PCB Manufacturing Service

If you need a small-quantity PCB manufacturer that features different custom needs of the customer, such as material, volume, manufacturing process, and so on. In that case, we are the best option for you.
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Small Quantity PCB Manufacturer

When it comes to small-quantity PCB manufacturing, you want to make sure that you have a reliable manufacturing company that can meet your needs. If you need a small-quantity PCB manufacturer that features different custom needs of the customer such as assembly technologies, component specifications, component packages, and so on, we are the best option for you. We are your one-stop shop for all PCB manufacturing and assembly solutions. We can provide small-quantity PCB manufacturing services that will fit your budget. We have a modern updated facility that is fully equipped to cater to all types of low-volume PCB production demands and projects. Our facility comes with a highly flexible production line that supports quick modification for the requirements of all types of PCB products. You can also expect a quick turnaround time with our low-volume PCB assembly solutions.

Low-volume PCB Manufacturing Service

Offering low-volume production of printed circuit boards

When it comes to low-volume board production, we cater to all types of needs. We can take your small orders and produce the right PCB specifications that meet all your needs. We have a favourable price structure that makes it easier for you to request low-volume PCB production and assembly solutions. 

Small Quantity PCB Manufacturing Service
Affordable PCB Manufacturing Service

We offer unbeatable prices for small-quantity PCB manufacture

As a global manufacturer of the best PCB products, we are capable of producing large orders. However, we are also aware that there is a part of the market segment that needs small PCB orders. The good news is that we also cater to small-quantity PCB manufacturers. We understand how essential low-volume PCBs are to so many small and medium-sized electronics companies. This is why we offer unbeatable prices – so that they can produce their products with the use of superior and affordable PCBs. For our customers, we offer small quantity PCB production services without compromising on quality. The quality of our PCB products is guaranteed by several tests and checks.

PCB Quick Quote

Get instant quotes for your small PCB orders

We can help you compute the total cost of making your small quantity PCB order available to you. Our products offer you the value and quality that other PCB suppliers will not give to you. You can use the online form to submit your RFQ for custom PCB projects. You will get the precise PCB manufacture price in one or two business days. You can get directly to us by sending us an email at You can also get your quotes through mobile by contacting us at +86 13825274100.

Quality Assurance

Consistent quality and value at all times

Most PCB manufacturers expect customers to always have high-volume requests before they offer quality work. This does not apply to us as we take all orders – both high and low volumes – as seriously as we should. We execute our large projects the same way we do the small quantity PCB manufacturing projects. For us, our highest priority is the satisfaction of our customers. This means that all our customers, small or big, get the same top-notch attention and service. We have one of the best in-house quality departments that go the extra mile to ensure that all PCB orders meet the demands of the customers.

Turnkey Service

Get a completely small quantity of PCB Turnkey manufacture services

We are industry leaders when it comes to small-quantity PCB Turnkey manufacturing services. This means that you can get full production services in terms of component procurement to product fabrication and assembly. Also, we can do all of these at much lower costs in comparison to many other PCB manufacturers without compromising quality. We will help you save the time and energy needed to source for multiple suppliers. Our PCB manufacturing services do not come with a minimum order quantity.

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The best customer service support

We have an in-house customer support team for you to address your issues and concerns about your projects. When you outsource your small quantity PCB manufacturing projects to us, you get the best services and support. We will execute the entire project using the design specifications that you have sent. We will work to design all the PCBs, fabricate all your prototypes, and complete your small quantity PCB assembly. As a leading Turnkey PCB manufacturer, you can leave all your PCB tasks to us while you focus on marketing and promoting the end product.

Low Volume PCB Manufacturing Service
Testing Service

Quality PCB tests for all projects

We take the needs and requirements of all our customers seriously. Whether they have ordered a small or large volume of PCB, we will work to ensure that they get the highest quality PCB tests. Over the years, we have been able to build the trust of our customers through a series of quality tests to ensure that they get only the best. Our total quality policy involves various industry-leading quality checks that we perform on our PCBs to ensure compliance with specific requirements and industry standards. We fully ensure that all manufactured PCBs meet all quality and performance expectations of the client. We also conduct in-process checks to ensure that the fabrication process is free from any errors or deviations from the original product designs and blueprints. We also conduct function testing, which is based on the specific requirements of the customer. We also build PCB prototypes for function testing. 

Small Volume PCB Manufacturer
Why us?

Why choose us?

When it comes to the best small-quantity PCB manufacturing services, our customers from across the world choose us for various reasons. We are leaders in the industry when it comes to quick and quality low-volume PCB manufacture. Over the years, we have built a brand that has stood the test of time. We have nurtured our reputation from day one to now by diligently and painfully sticking to high-end precision PCB manufacturing for all our customers. We have consistently maintained a 100% customer satisfaction rate with the way we approach our projects.

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