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Quick Turn PCB Fabrication Service

Quick turn PCB is an important aspect of the electronics manufacturing industry, providing customers with fast and efficient solutions for their printed circuit board needs.
Fast Turn PCB Manufacturer

Do you need Quick Turn PCB Fabrication Service with a fast turnaround time?

To reach the market quickly, you need an excellent PCB manufacturer as your partner who can offer quick-turn PCB manufacturing at all stages with high quality and a competitive price while meeting fast turnaround times.

JHYPCB is one of the experienced and leading quick-turn PCB fabrication service suppliers in China. Quick turn PCB manufacturing service is also one of our service features and competitive advantages. While we attach great importance to the timely delivery of printed circuit boards, we also attach great importance to product quality. We provide various types of quick-turn PCB fabrication services, including quick-turn flexible PCB fabrication, quick-turn multilayer PCB manufacturing, quick-turn FR4 PCB fabrication, quick-turn rigid-flex PCB fabrication, and rapid PCB prototyping, etc.

In short, whether you need a single-layer PCB or a complex multilayer PCB, we can ensure that our quick-turn PCB manufacturing service is accurate.

Quick Turn PCB

Fast Lead time is as short as 24 hours

Quick Turn PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

We have accumulated more than 10 years of experience in providing quick-turn PCB manufacturing services. We are one of the leading quick-turn PCB manufacturers in China. We have the most advanced automation equipment and trained professionals and engineers. Because of these reasons, we can provide you with high-quality quick-turn PCB manufacturing services quickly.

Our quick-turn PCB fabrication capabilities include the following:

Quick Turn PCB Lead Times

Quick Turnaround Time Capability
24 Hours Yes (Advanced)
48 Hours Yes
72 Hours Yes
5 Days Yes

Quick Turn PCB Fabrication Capabilities

Capability Description
PCB Types
  • Rigid PCB
  • Flexible PCB
  • Rigid-Flex PCB
  • Metal Core PCB PCB
  • ...
  • Layers Multilayer up to 64 Layers
    Max Board Size 609 * 889 mm
    Board Thickness 0.1~8.0mm
    Board Thickness Tolerance ±0.1mm / ±10%
    Max finished copperthickness 6 OZ
    Min Mechanical Drilling Hole Size 6mil(0.15mm)
    Min Laser Drilling Hole Size 3mil(0.075mm)
    Surface Finishes
  • OSP
  • Immersion Gold
  • Immersion Silver
  • Immersion Tin
  • Plated Gold
  • PCB Fabrication Options
  • HDI
  • Heavy Copper
  • Controlled Impedance
  • Blind/Buried Vias
  • Via-in-Pad
  • China Quick Turn PCB Services

    Every fast-turn PCB order is different in terms of the fabrication process, materials, lead time, and quantity. Our quick turn PCB fabrication capability can provide you with a wide range of PCB fast turnaround time services.

    Quick Turn Prototype PCB Service

    Quick Turn Prototype PCB Service

    Lead time is important for PCB prototyping. It is a competitive advantage for your business to test your designs faster than your competitors. It’s not enough for a PCB manufacturer to deliver low-quality and low-cost PCB prototype fabrication service.

    At JHYPCB, we provide quick-turn PCB prototyping service as quick as 24 hours.

    Quick-turn PCB prototyping benefits are the following:

    • Save manufacturing costs.
    • Avoid defects or spot them at an early stage for correction.
    • Save time by meticulously checking the DFM.
    • Avoid manufacturing delays by reducing changes during production.

    Quick Turn Pre-Production or Small Quantity Run PCBs

    Pre-Production or Small Quantity Run PCBs is the next step after the PCB prototype is passed, and the quantity varies from 100 to several thousand. Pre-production or small batch PCB manufacturing services are used to test the PCB manufacturer’s batch PCB manufacturing capabilities and quality changes.

    Pre-production is similar to prototype PCB, but pre-production can provide additional benefits:

    • Ensuring confidence and satisfaction before going to the mass production stage,
    • Optimizing layout for maximum efficiency,
    • Detecting and rectifying errors to save the cost of reworking.

    Mass Production Quick Turn PCBs

    Mass Production Quick Turn PCBs

    When the testing and modification of the PCB prototyping and Pre-production stages are completed, full-scale mass production can begin.

    However, we often see cases where suppliers cannot deliver on time when customers require fast mass production. All this will not be a problem if you choose the right quick-turn PCB manufacturer as your PCB manufacturing partner. At JHYPCB, we have the ability and experience to produce high-volume PCBs in a very short time.

    We provide mid-volume to high-volume PCB production service for 2-3 weeks.

    Flexible PCB Manufacturing Service

    Quick Turn Flex PCB Prototypes in 5 to 10 days

    The flexible circuit is widely used due to its unique physical characteristics. As a leading flexible PCB manufacturer from prototype to mass production, we have competitive advantages and capabilities unmatched by other flexible printed circuit board companies. Our flexible PCB manufacturing features industry-leading fast turnaround times.

    We can offer quick-turn Flexible Circuit Board Prototypes in 5 days.

    Rigid-Flex PCB Fabrication Service

    Quick Turn Rigid-Flex PCB Service

    Rigid-Flex PCB can be applied where other printed circuit boards cannot. Rigid-Flex PCB consists of rigid and flexible parts, and the material is FR4 and PI. Many customers have trusted us as a reliable Rigid-Flex PCB supplier. Quick Turn Rigid-Flex PCB fabrication service is one of our top-rated services because it can meet short lead times and high quality.

    China Quick Turn PCB Manufacturer

    Choosing the right quick turn PCB manufacturer in China

    Working with an experienced and honest electronics contract manufacturer will get you more done with less effort. A good quick-turn PCB manufacturer can ensure high-quality printed circuit boards within the stipulated time.

    JHYPCB is your perfect partner for quick-turn PCB. We have provided high-quality quick-turn PCB manufacturing services for customers in the Internet of Things, consumer electronics, medical equipment, communication equipment, and other industries. Our strengths include the following:

    • State-of-the-art PCB manufacturing equipment, such as laser drills, character printers, etc.
    • More than 20 PCB engineers
    • More than 10 years of experience in PCB manufacturing with more than 100 people
    • Engineering team 7*24 round-the-clock technical support

    If you need any assistance related to design and manufacturing, please do not hesitate to contact us; our experts will be happy to assist you.

    PCB Manufacturing Services

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Quick Turn PCB or Fast Turn PCB Service is a service where a PCB manufacturer delivers PCB fabrication and assembly within a short period of time, usually from 24 hours to 7 days. Quick Turn PCB fabrication service is initially used for prototype PCB, pre-production and low-quantity PCB production. With the rapid development of the industry, quick turn PCB is now used in every stage of product development.

    There are several benefits of quick-turn PCB:

    • Faster testing of design or components.
    • DFM Check
    • Save time.
    • Save cost.

    Factors that affect PCB turnaround time include:

    • PCB Lamination Cycles: The length of the PCB lamination cycle depends on the number of layers in the PCB stack-up, including the time required for drilling, plating or filling.
    • Via-In-Pad Plated: Although Via-in-Pad designs have become very common, please note that if your design has a Via-in-Pad their lead time may be longer.
    • PCB Fabrication Specifications: The IPC standards followed by the PCB manufacturing process are IPC class 2 and class 3, and different IPC standards take different time.
    • PCB Surface Finish: Another time-consuming process in PCB manufacturing is surface finish. HASL and Immersion Gold are the most common surface finish.
    • Material Inventory: If you are using a special PCB material, the inventory and order cycle of the material will also affect the turnaround time of the quick turn PCB.

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