What is a Custom PCB?

custom PCB manufacturing

A custom PCB refers to a tailored PCB that is made according to the requirements of the product or project. Everything in the PCB is adjusted to get optimal results and output. It is quite useful when you are working on something different and innovative.

You can easily get a custom PCB from any reliable manufacturer, but before that, you must know what you can customize in it. Here is a complete guide that will help you in getting a custom PCB according to your needs.

What Can You Customize in a Custom PCB?


The most important thing in a PCB is the base. It holds the other layers and components. While getting a custom PCB, the customer can select the base he wants. There are various options available, such as FR4, aluminum, copper, polyimide, Rogers, etc.

According to the requirement of the product, the base can be selected. For normal uses, FR4 is an ideal and affordable option. If you want a flexible PCB, you need polyimide. Other than that, there are metal core PCBs, which include aluminum, copper, etc. These are great for high-power applications, such as LEDs.

Number of Layers

The number of layers in any PCB defines its complexity. There can be 1-50 or even more layers in a PCB. These layers help in making the PCB design simpler. You will find separate layers of ground, power, and other signals. These layers are interconnected with the help of vias.

The designer designs the PCB and chooses the required number of layers. You can pick the desired number of layers while creating a custom PCB.


You can customize the shape and size of the PCB according to the product. It can be made according to the available space. While ordering a custom PCB, you will have the option to select the width and length.

Transition Temperature

If you have chosen FR4 as the base material for your PCB, then you can select the transition temperature (Tg). It is the temperature when the FR4 material turns from hard to soft. It gives an idea of the heat resistance of the PCB. You can select the temperature according to the operating conditions of the PCB.

The normal value of Tg is 130-140ºC. You can go for the moderate (150-160ºC) or high (above 170ºC).

Thickness of Copper

The copper layer plays a very important role in a PCB because it is the conducting layer. The condition of the electrical current depends on the amount of copper. Depending on the application of the PCB, you can customize the thickness of copper or its weight.

Thickness of PCB

The thickness of the PCB depends on the number of layers. However, you can also increase the thickness to make the PCB more durable.

Track Spacing

The conducting lines on a PCB are called tracks, and the spacing between them is called Track Spacing. The spacing is a must to offer minimum clearance between the conducting lines and prevent short circuits.

In a custom PCB, you are allowed to choose the track spacing. If you are working on higher voltages, you can increase the track spacing.

Hole Size

There are holes in the PCB for connecting components, jumpers, screws, etc. Surprisingly, the size of the holes can be selected in a custom PCB. You can even get a drill-free PCB.


PCBs have a silkscreen layer at the top. It indicates the placement of other components and other important things. It is a must in every PCB, and the user can select the color of the silkscreen. It can be white, black, yellow, etc.

Surface Finish

The bare conductor on the PCB is not directly exposed to air. Instead, there is a surface finish that is applied over it.

A surface finish is a special coating between the component and the bare board. It is a very important layer of the PCB because it prevents oxidation and keeps the copper, traces, and pads safe for a very long time.

There is a wide range of surface finishes available. The customer can choose from HASL, Immersion Gold, Immersion Silver, OSP, Immersion Tin, Gold, etc.

Solder Mask

A solder mask is a very thin layer of polymer that is applied to the PCB. The main purpose of using the solder mask is to prevent short circuits due to solder bridges. It creates insulation between the conducting lines. It also protects the traces from oxidation.

You might have seen Green, White, Blue, Red, and other colors of solder masks. You can select the desired color in a custom PCB.

Get Custom PCB from JHYPCB

JHYPCB is capable of making complex custom PCBs according to the requirements of the buyer. We can process small to large volume orders and offer quick bulk manufacturing and prototype services. Our expert teams can handle simple to intricate designs and ensure optimal performance of the PCB. For any kind of project, we are always at your disposal.

Custom PCB Manufacturing Capability

Specifications Custom PCB Capabilities
Layer Count 1-64 Layers
Turnaround Time Same Day - 3 Weeks
Quantity Req. No MOQ, 1-10000+
Materials FR-4/Rogers/Polyimide/Aluminum Clad/High-TG FR4
Surface Finish OSP, Leaded & Leaded-free HAL, Immersion Gold/Silver/Tin, Electrolytic Hard Gold/Soft Gold/
Board Thickness Full Range Available
Solder Mask (LPI) Various Color Options
Gold Fingers Yes
Controlled Impedance Yes
Blind/Buried Vias Yes
Via-in-Pad Yes

How to Get a Custom PCB Quote?

There are four ways to get a custom PCB quote from JHYPCB.

  1. You can fill out our PCB online quote form and send us an inquiry request.
  2. You can visit our contact us page, fill in your information and submit it to us.
  3. Alternatively, you can send a Request for Quote directly to sales@pcbjhy.com by attaching your zipped files and providing information on the quantity and lead time required.
  4. You can also call+86-13825274100 directly for a quote.
JHYPCB - China Leading PCB & PCBA Manufacturer

JHYPCB - China Leading PCB & PCBA Manufacturer

JHYPCB is a China leading printed circuit board manufacturer, offering high-quality, cost-effective, and quick-turn PCB manufacturing and Assembly services from prototype to high-volume production. We understand that our customers must have on-time manufacturing and delivery of their boards. Let us help you launch products faster and more efficiently.

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