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High-Quality Bare Printed Circuit Board Fabrication and Manufacturing Services for Building Perfect Applications.
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Your Go-to China PCB Manufacturer

As a reliable and trusted China PCB manufacturer, JHYPCB offers perfect PCB fabrication and manufacturing services at an affordable price. Whether it is a PCB prototype or a mass PCB production, we can meet your PCB manufacturing needs with various PCB materials and technologies.

Our printed circuit board manufacturing services are available in PCB prototyping, low-volume, high-volume PCB production, full turnkey printed circuit boards, consignment PCB fabrication, and more.

Our PCB experts team has adopted advanced methods and the latest technologies in PCB manufacturing services for meeting the requirements of any electronic production lifecycle and ensuring the performance of PCBs.

Our PCB experts can manage every complex requirement of PCB manufacturing services. We serve Multilayer PCB, Rigid PCB, Flexible Circuit Manufacturing, Rigid-flex PCB, Quick Turn PCB Fabrication, Cheap PCB Manufacturing, Custom PCB Manufacturing, Fast PCB Manufacturing, IMS PCB, Impedance Control PCB, Rogers PCB, High-Frequency PCB, PCB Testing and more. Whether you require low to high production, JHYPCB excels in delivering consistent quality, on-time, and on-budget custom PCB manufacturing service.

Custom PCB Manufacturing

PCB Manufacturing Service


PCB Prototype Fabrication

Rapid PCB Prototype Service in China

JHYPCB prides ourselves on being one of the best PCB prototype manufacturers and PCB suppliers in China.

We’ve worked with companies large and small to help them develop and deliver new products to market faster than ever before. Our team works closely with you to ensure the best quality and rapid PCB prototype service.


Quick Turn PCB Fabrication

Fast Turn PCB Production

If you are looking for a quick-turn PCB fabrication service and manufacturer, JHYPCB is your go-to PCB partner!

We can make it no matter when you need your quick turnaround PCB boards.

Our experienced expert team is ready to meet your fast turnaround PCB needs. When time is the key point, you don’t want to work with the wrong manufacturer or worry if things will go wrong in the PCB manufacturing process.


Multilayer PCB Fabrication

Full-Feature Multilayer PCB Manufacturing Service

The demand for multilayer PCBs is rising because they are small and light in weight. They are widely used in various industries.

We have been manufacturing the highest quality multilayer PCBs for various industries with our extensive manufacturing capabilities, superior engineering capabilities, and facility.

We can manufacture 1 to 64 layers of PCB at the standard turnaround time, depending on the complexity and quantity of the boards required.


Flexible PCB Fabrication

Flexible Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Service

Some amazing advantages of using flexible circuits include reducing space and weight, heat dissipation, higher density, and signal integrity.

Flexible PCBs come in single-layer, double-sided, and multilayer forms.

Flexible circuit boards are fabricated on the flexible base material for many shapes. You can have the flexibility to increase design, reliability, and durability.


Rigid-Flex PCB Fabrication

High-reliability Rigid-flex PCB Fabrication Service

Rigid-flex PCBs are boards that combine the best of rigid and flexible PCB technology. Engineered in a 3D environment, rigid-flex PCB can achieve spatial efficiency and incorporate folds and flexes to help you meet the desired shape that works best with your application.

A rigid-flexible PCBs allow you to use fewer parts and interconnections and take on more aggressive design challenges, as the rigid-flex PCB is a flexible solution to numerous design issues.

Our strong rigid-flex PCB manufacturing capabilities can provide you with prototype to high-volume manufacturing services.


LED Circuit Board Fabrication

A Leading LED PCB Manufacturer in China

With PCB fabrication technology developing, LED PCBs are exciting product innovations for consumer and industrial applications! Because LEDs have emerged as a popular lighting choice because of their energy efficiency and low power consumption. We are a leading LED circuit board manufacturer in China with over 10 years of experience.

Thick Copper PCB Manufacturing up to 20 OZ.

JHYPCB offers heavy copper / thick copper PCB manufacturing services for high-current applications. Heavy copper PCBs are impressive circuit boards that can withstand many elements other boards can’t.

High Temperature PCB Manufacturing Service

When fabricating printed circuit boards (PCBs) for high-temperature applications, the glass transition temperature of the boards is extremely important to consider. If the temperature in the application exceeds the “Tg” value, it leads to issues related to the PCB’s performance. Not only can the temperature rise lead to the material expanding, with different materials having different thermal expansion coefficients, but mechanical stress will also lead to micro cracks.

JHYPCB specializes in High Tg PCBs fabrication service. Made of FR-4 substrate material, they are widely used across industries as they provide better heat resistance and mechanical and chemical stability for the board.


Metal Core PCB Fabrication

Metal Core PCB (MCPCB) Manufacturing Service

A metal core PCB also referred to as a thermal PCB and MCPCB, differs from the FR-4 PCB in that it incorporates a metal material as its substrate. With a thermally conductive dielectric layer, the prepreg dielectric ensures that heat is transferred to the substrate. The base plate, usually made of aluminum or copper, offers mechanical integrity while transferring heat to the mounting surface or to the air.

Best Aluminum PCB Manufacturer in China

There are many advantaves to using Aluminum PCBs. They have excellent thermal conductivity, perfect electrical insulation and unmatched machining performance. If your project involves lighting or power transmission of any kind, our aluminum PCB manufacturing service can meet your demands.

Custom FR4 PCB Board Fabrication Service

An FR-4 PCB is a printed circuit board made with FR-4. FR-4 is the most important material in PCB manufacturing. Electric engineers and technicians popularly use PCB boards with FR4 material.

The FR-4 PCBs are popular as they are affordable and can be used in many electric devices.

JHYPCB uses high-quality materials with optimum skilled manufacturing. Therefore, we can present the best FR4 PCB boards for you.

High-density interconnector Manufacturing Service

HDI stands for High-density interconnector; there are blind or buried vias in HDI PCB.

HDI PCBs are increasingly integral to the printed circuit board and electronics industries. Electronic components are becoming smaller and more lightweight but still demand ever-improving performance. To accommodate this, you must pack more functionality into a smaller area. That’s precisely what HDI PCBs offer.

As the best manufacturer for HDI PCB, we offer you a better solution for your HDI PCB design.


Custom PCB Manufacturing

Custom PCB Manufacturing in China

JHYPCB is a excellent PCB supplier in China that offers custom PCB manufacturing service which deliver on a client’s requirements and quality. You can send us your specifications and get a quote to order custom PCB.

Single-Sided PCB Manufacturing Service

Single-sided PCB is a one-layer PCB with only one layer of conductive material. It is best suited for low-density designs, in which all electronic components are on one side of the board and all circuits at another layer.

Single-Sided PCBs are one of the most commonly produced and simplest printed circuit boards as they are very simple and easy to manufacture.

Single-layer PCBs are commonly used in various electronics and applications, including camera systems, printers, calculators, etc.

Double Layer PCB Manufacturing Service

Double-sided PCBs are similar to single-layer PCBs, except that they have two side traces with a top and bottom layer. Double Sided PCBs can mount conductive copper and components on both sides of the board, which allows the traces to cross over each other. Double-sided PCBs are more complex than single-layer ones, so they can be more difficult to manufacture. However, the benefits of using double-sided PCBs far outweigh the cons.

Double-sided PCBs are one of the most popular printed circuit boards that can benefit users in higher technology applications and electronics. There is an abundance of applications and electronics in which double-sided PCBs can be used, including lighting systems, vending machines, amplifiers, car dashboards, and many more.


PCB Express Service

Express PCB Manufacturer

PCB Express Service is manufactured for the fast development of PCB layouts. Using an express PCB service, PCB designers and engineers can easily turn their idea into reality by building an actual PCB.

Why Us

Why Work with JHYPCB for PCB Manufacturing?

We are your professional manufacturer for printer circuit board fabrication.

We are the leading printed circuit board manufacturing service supplier in Shenzhen, China. We aim to fulfill the needs of our customer base for PCB manufacturing services. We have over 10 years of experience in offering PCB fabrication services. We offer you PCB fabrication services at an affordable price, including testing services. Feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding printed circuit board fabrication services. Your satisfaction is our priority.

One-Stop PCB manufacturing Service
One-Stop Service
Quality Assurance
Best Quality
On-Time Delivery
On-Time Delivery
Excellent Customer Service
Excellent Customer Service
Professional Team
Rich Experience and Expertise
Competitive Prices
Competitive Prices

Advanced PCB Fabrication Capabilities

PCB Manufacturing Service

Rigid PCB Fabrication Capabilities

Quality GradeIPC Class 2|PC Class 3
Base MaterialFR-4|High Tg|PTFE|Ceramic|Polyimide|FR4|Rogers|Aluminum|Halogen Free, etc.
Board Thickness0.1~8.0mm
Max Board Size609 * 889 mm
Board Thickness Tolerance±0.1mm / ±10%
Max Finished Copper Thickness6 OZ
Min Finished hole size0.15mm(CNC)|0.1mm(Laser)
Max. PTH (Round Hole)8mm
Silkscreen ColorsBlack|White|Yellow, etc.
Electrical TestingFixture / Flying Probe


Flexible Circuit Board Fabrication Capabilities

LaminateDuPont PI | Shengyi PI
Maximum PCB Size(Length x Width)480*4000mm
Minimum Board Thickness0.05mm+/-0.02mm
Finished Board Thickness0.05mm-1.6mm
Minimum line width/line spacing0.045/0.045mm
Min. PTH size0.1mm
Panelization Size250*510mm


The printed circuit board uses a copper layer for an efficient electrical current flow and will need protection against corrosion and oxidation. Available surface finishes include:


PCB Manufacturing Testing & Inspection Capabilities

We provide a series of meticulous testing and inspection methods for ensuring optimum performance and quality of assembled boards, including:

  • PCB Electrical Testing
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • In-circuit Testing (ICT)
  • Functional Testing (FCT)
  • 100% Multi-stage Manual Visual Inspection
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • 100% Flying probe Testing/Bed Nail Fixture
  • Cross-Section
  • Tin Sample
  • Impedance Test



We can fabricate your PCBs in standard or quick turnarounds. The delivery times depend on layer count, material stock, PCB specifications, and order quantity.

  • Express (Quick-Turn): 48 hours
  • Standard Prototype: 5 days
  • Standard Production: 10 days

We will promise you high-quality and on-time delivery.


Value-Added Services (Free)

  • Fast quote response
  • Lifecycle management
  • DFM Check & Analysis
  • Panelization
  • Cost consulting
  • Stackup design
  • Surface finish consultation
  • Laminate and raw material consultation
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How to Work with Us

Contact an experienced PCB Expert for your PCB Manufacturing.

Send us the Gerber file
Step 1: Send us the Gerber file
Step 2: Verify the file and Quick quotation
Place an order.
Step 3: Place the order and payment
Step 4: Fabrication
Step 5: Delivery
Confirm Received
Step 6: Confirm Received

Multi-industrial Applications of Our PCB Manufacturing Services

JHYPCB offers one-stop high-quality PCB manufacturing services for various application.

Frequently Asked Questions

PCB Manufacturing FAQs

You need to provide the following files for PCB manufacturing:

  • PCB Gerber Files – The Gerber files format is the standard for PCB manufacturing services. This Gerber file describes the PCB layers, such as solder masks, copper layers, etc. You can go for either .zip or .rar when you upload your files.
  • Drill File - It is in Excel format. Non-plated drills are either in the board outline or the second drill file with the text NPTH in the filename.
  • Board Outline File – For routing the PCB board edges, it has only the board's outline, including any inner cut-outs.
  • Panelization File - Panelization is an effective way to save costs and materials. It will also facilitate the speed and convenience of PCB assembly.

JHYPCB has been committed to providing customers with affordable PCB manufacturing services. The overall cost depends on the complexity of fabricating the printed circuit board. The number and particularity of materials used, the manual labor hours, required efforts, and the fabrication time is all considered for the overall cost calculation.

One of our service features is to provide customers with fast turnaround PCB manufacturing services. The delivery time usually depends on the production quantity. Another factor is the ready availability of the raw materials. Send us your design and requirements now, and we will tell you the exact delivery time.

Such a thing is not allowed to happen within us. But if it does happen, You can immediately contact our support team; Please believe that the final result will satisfy you.

Yes, we can stock the PCB boards.

You can store the PCB maximum 6-9 months based on the board surface finishing.

Yes, we offer low-to-high volume PCB production.

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