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We consistently hold the leading position in the PCB prototype, PCB manufacturing & PCB Assembly market.


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PCB Prototype Manufacturing and Assembly Services

Rapid PCB Prototype Service

Electronics Manufacturing Services

PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly Services

JHY One Stop PCB Solutions – Friendly & Conscientious Team


Our PCB prototype service is among the fastest and most reliable in China.


JHY has an excellent reputation as one of the quickest PCB manufacturers in China.


Our PCB assembly service takes away from you all the time-consuming stress of component sourcing and assembly.


Detect potential production issues before they happen with our FREE DFM Check service.


PCB Stackup Service

Our senior PCB engineers will provide you with free PCB stack up services.


Testing and Inspection

Our comprehensive testing and inspection services ensure that every board shipped out of the factory meets customer requirements.

PCB Manufacturing Service

JHY is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, China-made prototype and quick-turn printed circuit boards (PCB). We understand that our customers must have on-time manufacturing and delivery of their PCBs. Let us help you launch products faster and more efficiently. We work successfully for our customers in various industries like aerospace, telecommunications, defense, robotics, Medical Instrumentation, Test and Measurement, LED Lighting, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Marine, Industrial Equipment, and more. We have accumulated rich experience at all stages in PCB fabrication.

PCB Prototype Manufacturing Service
PCB Prototype Fabrication
Quick Turn PCB Fabrication Service
Quick Turn PCB Fabrication
Multilayer PCB Fabrication Service
Multilayer PCB Fabrication
Flexible PCB Manufacturing Service
Flexible PCB Fabrication
Rigid-Flex PCB Fabrication Service
Rigid-Flex PCB Fabrication
LED Circuit Board Fabrication Service
LED Circuit Board Fabrication
Heavy Copper PCB Fabrication Service
Heavy Copper PCB Fabrication
High Temperature PCB Fabrication Service
High Tg PCB Fabrication
Metal Core PCB Fabrication Service
Metal Core PCB Fabrication
Aluminum PCB Fabrication Service
Aluminum PCB Fabrication
HDI PCB Fabrication Service
HDI PCB Fabrication


Printed Circuit Board Assembly Service

Are you ready for your PCB assembly service quote? JHY can get your PCB assembly quote placed quickly. We specialize in prototype, quick turn, low volume, low-cost PCB assembly services. We provide flexible PCB assembly services, including turnkey, kitted, or consigned (you supply the components) and mixed PCB assembly (you provide some parts, and for the rest, we will take care of them). We have created flexible and user-friendly PCB assembly service quote forms, including turnkey PCB assembly quotes, PCB prototype quotes, PCB fabrication quotes, PCB assembly quotes, cable harness quotes, and more. All you need to do is contact us and tell us all the required details and specifications.

  • Prototype PCB Assembly Service
  • Quick Turn PCB Assembly Service
  • Through Hole PCB Assembly Service
  • SMT PCB Assembly Service
  • Mixed PCB Assembly Service

  • Turnkey PCB Assembly Service
  • Consignment PCB Assembly Service
  • Low-Volume PCB Assembly Service
  • High-Volume PCB Assembly Service

  • Lead-Free PCB Assembly Service
  • Multilayer PCB Assembly Service
  • Flexible PCB Assembly Service
  • PCB Assembly Rework Service

  • Smallest Components and Fine Pitch Assembly Service
  • BGA PCB Assembly Service
  • Cable Harness Assembly Service
  • PCB Assembly Testing Service

With our advanced PCB assembly service capabilities, state-of-art manufacturing facilities, and expert team, we offer high-quality and reliable PCB assembly service. We ensure to fulfill our customers’ demands and provide them with on-time and cost-effective PCB assembly service.

Proudly Serving Areas

Multi-industrial Applications of Our PCB Fabrication and Assembly Services

JHY offers high-quality PCB fabrication and assembly solutions for applications like mobile phones, Consumer Electronics, vehicles, and more. There has been an upward trend in our PCB fabrication services used by various vertical applications in industries.

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Why Us

Why Choose JHY for your PCB Fabrication and Assembly Service requirements?

  • Reliable and Trusted China PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly Company.
  • Servicing worldwide with high-quality PCB manufacturing for over 10 years.
  • Maintained Customers Relationship for Over 10 Years with over 99% satisfaction.

  • Maintaining and Improving the Highest Quality Standards.

  • Equipped with State-Of-Art PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Equipment.

  • No Minimum PCB Order Requirements.

  • 2-Day to 1-Week Turnaround Time.

  • Best On-time Shipping Record.

  • Competitive Pricing.


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PCB Technologies

We have extensive PCB manufacturing and assembly Capabilities, including Flexible PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB, Buried  & Blind Via PCB, Multilayer PCB fabrication, and turnkey PCB assembly.

PCB Capabilities

Engineering service, Rapid quote response, DFM Review & Analysis, Panelization, Prototype Quantities, Production Quantities, 1-64 layers, lifecycle management, cost consulting, and more.

How We Work

As an innovative company employing highly trained, extremely knowledgeable technicians, JHY is a forerunner in the printed circuit board industry. We provide state-of-the-art PCBs for many different products.

Quality Assurance

Every order receives the utmost attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process to ensure all customer expectations are met. Every order is produced within the strict guidelines set forth by our customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our services? Get answers for almost of your questions.

PCB Manufacturing FAQs

PCB manufacturing or PCB fabrication is a series of electrochemical processes for creating circuit patterns on copper through additive and subtractive methods by PCB manufacturer. It is the process of building or assembling the bare board that lays the foundation for the final PCB Assembly.

Go for a PCB manufacturer that holds ISO 9001 certification and who has demonstrable experience and proficiency with various fabrication technologies. You can see if they can deliver consistently high-quality services and meet the expected specifications and tolerances.

JHY is a leading PCB manufacturer in China. We have full in-house capabilities and specialized in quick-turn, high-quality PCB manufacturing services. We offer quick and on-time delivery at competitive prices. We assure you of guaranteed quality satisfaction by following a client-centric approach. There is no minimum order requirement as well.

You need to provide the following files for PCB manufacturing:

  • PCB Gerber File Format – The Gerber file format is the standard for PCB manufacturing. This standard file is used to describe the PCB layers like solder masks, copper layers, etc. You can go for either .zip or .rar when you upload your designs.
  • Drill File in Excellon format. Non-plated drills either in board outline or in the second drill file that has text NPTH in the filename.
  • Board Outline File – For routing the board edges, it has only the outline of the board including any inner cut-outs.

The overall cost of PCB manufacturing depends on the complexity of the device. The number of materials used, the manual labor work hours, required efforts, and the fabrication time is all taken into consideration for the overall cost calculation. JHY offers cost-effictive PCB fabrication service.

The turnaround time usually depends on the production quantity and the complexity. Another factor that needs to be considered is the ready availability of the raw materials.

You can immediately contact our support team with the details of the defective parts and any other issues or errors you notice.

We can provide you with OSP, HASL, HASL Lead-Free (HASL LF), Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Plated Gold, Immersion Gold (ENIG), ENEPIG, etc.

PCB Assembly FAQs

PCB assembly service is the procedure of joining circuit boards with electronic components! Our comprehensive PCB assembly service starts from components sourcing to final assembly and prototyping.

Prototype PCB assembly is a quick turn prototype PCB asembly or Assembly of PCB. PCB assembly manufacturers utilize it for testing the function of the latest electronic designs. With a prototype PCB assembly, you can easily detect whether your design requires any changes or whether it will function properly before mass production .

Our PCB assembly service include surface mount technology, through-hole technology, mixed technology assembly, multi-layer PCB assembly, flexible PCB assembly, lead-free PCB assembly, consignment and turnkey PCB assembly, low to high volume assemblies, prototype PCB assembly and more!

Before PCB assembly is ready for final delivery to customers, we provide comprehensive quality inspection including vision, AOI, X-ray, ICT, function testing, burn-in testing, first article inspection, solder paste inspection, etc.

We are capable and proficient in supplying lead free PCB assembly in support of the European Union’s RoHS directive.

The cost of printed circuit board assembly depends on various factors including tooling, assembly labor for components loading and solder stencil, quantity, other special requirement and more!

Our standard turnaround time lies between 2-3 business days; Although it depends on material availability, complexity of design, Techniques, quantity requirements and more. Once we receive your PCB assembly quote details; we will provide you the turnaround time with a detailed quote.

To get a quick PCB assembly quote, please fill out the online form in the page or Contact Us section and upload all the required details in a .zip or .rar and submit. You can also email your PCB assembly quote request to sales@pcbjhy.com.

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