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Jinghongyi PCB HK Co Limited is a professional manufacturer of high quality PCB JHY PCB specializes in quick turn PCB prototypes small medium volume PCB Established in 2011 located in Baoan District Shenzhen China with more than 500 experienced employees we re able to achieve monthly output 40000 square meters Our company is approved by UL TS16949 ISO 9001 and RoHS compliance All boards are produced according to IPC 6012 standards and inspected according to IPC A 600 in the latest version Our products are widely applied in communications industrial control power electronics medical equipment security electronics consumer electronics LED etc More than 90 percent of them were exported to...

Categories and Products

PCB Prototype

PCB Prototype Black USB Flash Drive PCB Prototype Fast PCB Prototype 4 Layer PCB Prototype 6 Layer PCB Prototype 8 Layer PCB Prototype 2 Layer PCB Prototyping 2 Layer PCB Prototype 4 Layer PCB Prototyping 6 Layer PCB Prototyping 8 Layer PCB Prototyping PCB Prototype 8 Layer Standard PCB Prototype BGA PCB Prototype Circuit Board Quickturn Prototype PCB PCB Prototype Board PCB Prototype Service Prototype Circuit Board Cheapest PCB Prototype 

Quick Turn PCB

4 Layer Quick Turn PCB 2 Layer Quick Turn PCB Quick Turn Flex PCB Quick Turn Flex PCB Circuit Board Quick Turn PCB Prototypes 8 Layer Quick Turn PCB 6 Layer Quick Turn PCB Low Cost Quick Turn PCB Quick Turn Aluminum PCB Customized Quick Turn PCB Quick Turn PCB Fab Quick Turn Prototype PCB 


1 Layer LED PCB 1.0W LED Aluminum PCB Board 1 Layer LED PCB 2.0W 2 Layer LED PCB 1 Layer LED PCB 1 Layer LED PCB Round Street Lighting LED PCB Single Layer LED PCB Round Bulb Custom LED Aluminium PCB Board Round Aluminum Base LED PCB Board Aluminium PCB Board for LED 5050 SMD LED PCB Board Wholesale LED PCB Board PCB Board for LED Light LED Panel Light PCB LED Strip PCB Board LED Bulb PCB Board LED Display PCB Board LED Tube Light PCB Board LED Light Bar PCB 

Single Sided PCB

Single Sided PCB Board 

Double Sided PCB

PCB Board FR4 Double Sided Double Sided Printed Circuit Boards Double Sided FR4 PCB Double Sided PCB HASL LF HASL LF Double Sided PCB Double Sided PCB Board Double sided PCB ENIG Green Double Sided PCB Fabrication Double Sided Flexible PCB Low Cost Double Sided PCB Double Sided Prototype PCB Double Sided PCB Assembly Double Sided PCB Board Prototype 

Multilayer PCB

4 Layer PCB

4 Layer Prototype Multilayer PCB 4 Layer Gold Finger PCB 4 Layer PCB Cheap Price 4 Layer UAV Model PCB 4 Layer Copper Thickness PCB FR4 Electronic 4 Layer PCB 4 Layer Immersion Gold PCB Low Cost 4 Layer PCB Fabrication Green Solder Mask 4 Layers PCB 4 Layer PCB Immersion Gold 

6 Layer PCB

6 Layer FR4 Immersion Gold PCB 6 Layer BGA PCB 6 Layer Gold Finger PCB 6 Layer ENIG PCB 6-Layer Immersion Gold PCB Low Cost 6 Layer PCB Cheap 6 Layer PCB 6 Layer PCB Fabrication 6 Layer Immersion Gold PCB Quick 6 Layer PCB prototype 

8 Layer PCB

8 Layer PCB Immersion Gold 8 Layer Immersion Gold PCB 8 Layer PCB FR4 HASL 8 Layer PCB Immersion Gold Blue FR4 8 Layer Protoype PCB 8 Layer Printed Circuit Board Prototype 8 Layer PCB Quickturn PCB 8 Layer PCB Circuit Board 8 Layer Stackup PCB 8 Layer PCB Board 

10 Layer PCB

10 Layer PCB Circuit Board Good Quality 10 Layer PCB 10 Layer PCB Immersion Gold 10 Layer Multilayer PCB 

12 Layer PCB

12 Layer PCB Immersion Gold High Quality Fr4 12 Layer PCB 12 Layer PCB Circuit Board 12 Layer PCB Black RoHs 12 Layer PCB TG180 ENIG 12 Layer PCB TG180 Immersion Gold 

Rigid PCB

2 Layer Rigid PCB FR4 TG135 Multilayer Rigid PCB Circuit Board Rigid PCB HASL LF Two Layer Double sided Rigid PCB Rigid printed circuit boards Custom Rigid PCB Board 2 Layer Rigid PCB Irregular Type FR4 Electronics Rigid PCB High Quality Rigid PCB 4 Layer Rigid PCB 4 Layer Rigid PCB Immersion Gold 2 Layer Rigid PCB 4 Layer Rigid PCB HASL LF Quick Turn Rigid PCB Prototype Simple Rigid PCB Circuit Board 2 Layer Rigid PCB FR4 

Flexible PCB

Prototype Flexible PCB Flexible PCB Circuit Service Single Sided Flexible PCB with Dual Access Flexible PCB Two Layer Double Sided Flex PCB Single Sided Flexible PCB MultiLayer Flexible PCB 2 Layer Flexible PCB Flexible PCB Circuit Board Assembly 

Rigid Flex PCB

Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Boards Rigid Flexible Printed Circuit Board Rigid Flex PCB Board Rigid Flex Printed Circuits 8 Layer Rigid Flex PCB 6 Layer Rigid Flex PCB Rigid Flex PCB Immersion Gold 4 Layer Rigid Flex PCB 2 Layer Rigid Flex PCB Rigid Flex PCB Prototype 

Aluminum PCB

Aluminum PCB 2.0W White 1 Layer Aluminum Core PCB Aluminum LED Bulb PCB Aluminum PCB for LED Aluminum Backed PCB Aluminum Substrate PCB Aluminum PCB for LED Light/Lamp/Tube Aluminum Base LED PCB Aluminium Clad PCB Board Aluminium Base LED PCB Aluminum PCB Prototyping Aluminum Flex PCB Aluminum Metal Core PCB Double Sided Aluminum PCB PCB Aluminum Board 

Metal Core PCB

Copper Base PCB 1 Layer Copper Base Board Metal Core PCB Copper Base Board Copper Base Board Metal Core PCB Prototype Metal Core PCB 2 Layer Metal Core PCB 2 Layer Metal PCB board 2 Layer Copper Base PCB Copper Base PCB Metal PCB Core Base Immersion Gold PCB Double Sided Metal Core PCB Multilayer Metal Core PCB LED Metal Core PCB Aluminium Base Metal Core PCB Metal Core PCB for LED Quick Turn Metal Core PCB Metal Core PCB Prototyping Star Metal Core PCB LED Single Layer Metal Core PCB Chip-on-Board metal core PCB 

Thick Copper PCB

3 Oz Heavy Copper PCB 4 oz Heavy Copper PCB 1 OZ Heavy Copper PCB Thick Copper PCB Board 2 OZ Heavy Copper PCB 8 oz Thick Copper PCB Double Sided Copper Clad PCB 10 oz Thick Copper PCB Copper Board for PCB Copper Clad PCB Board Copper Clad Board PCB One Sided Copper PCB 


High Density Interconnect PCB HDI PCB 6 Layer Immersion Gold HDI Printed Circuit Board HDI Technology PCB Prototype 

Impedance Control PCB

Impedance Control PCB 


BGA PCB Manufacturing 4 layer BGA PCB BGA PCB Via in PAD BGA PCB Impedance Control 6 Layer BGA PCB Board 2 Layer BGA PCB 10 Layer BGA PCB BGA PCB Design 


High TG PCB Board High Temperature PCB fr4 High TG PCB 6 Layer High Tg Printed Circuit Board High Tg Circuit Boards Fr4 High Tg PCB 

Gold Fingers PCB

Gold Fingers PCB Board Gold Fingers on PCB Circuit Board Gold Fingers Multilayer PCB with Gold Finger Gold Plated Fingers PCB 

PCB Stencil

Frameless PCB SMT Stencils Stainless Steel SMT Stencil Framed SMT PCB Stencils Electroformed PCB SMT Stencils Laser Cut SMT Stencils Prototype PCB SMT Stencils 

PCB Assembly Service

Prototype PCB Assembly Services Quick Turn PCB Assembly Low Volume & Small Batch PCB Assembly Turnkey PCB Assembly Service Low Cost PCB Assembly High Volume PCB Assembly Middle Volume PCB Assembly Lead Free PCB Assembly Multilayer PCB Assembly LED Lighting PCB Assembly 

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