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PCB industry cut into LED PCB heat sink aluminum substrate


In recent years, faced with the rise of LED TV, domestic and foreign TV giants have increased the intensity of R & D and production of LED TVs, which LED PCB to the development of related industries, photovoltaic panels leading factory-super-active with customers to launch LED TV, officially In the second quarter, LED heat-dissipating aluminum substrates will be cut in. In the second half of the year, shipments will increase rapidly, showing multiple growth. However, JHY PCB Manufacturer also said that due to the simultaneous growth of overall revenue, the proportion of LED heat-dissipating aluminum substrates is still not high. .

It is understood that the PCB industry that has already invested in heat-dissipating aluminum substrates includes JHY Aluminum PCB Manufacturer.

LED backlight fast-growing demand for related products, either on TV or NB, Monitor and other products penetration is also rising, if the material to distinguish the current hand-held device products, LED backlight bar are soft board-based, as in Large-size FR-4 PCB substrates and aluminum substrates are used. The FR-4 PCB substrate is the highest grade among copper foil substrates, but the heat dissipation efficiency of the aluminum substrate is better, and the subsequent stamping process and the required molding equipment and tradition The PCB process is different.

JHY PCB manufacturer has established itself as a global leading manufacturer in the photovoltaic panel. In line with customer demand, it has also started to invest in LED light bar production, accounting for about 6-8% of the revenue in the first half of this year, and mainly based on FR-4 substrate. The part of the substrate will be shipped from the second quarter, mainly to domestic panel manufacturers, but the current proportion of total revenue is still not high.

JHY PCB manufacturer pointed out that all major brand manufacturers are actively launching LED TVs. It is expected that under the demand of this demand, the shipments of LED heat-dissipating aluminum substrates will increase rapidly in the second half of the year, showing multiple growth, and now we have begun to produce monthly capacity. It has also increased from the past 100,000 to 200,000 by changing the process of stamping.

Some people think that JHY PCB manufacturer is good at LED PCB or Aluminum PCB production, the price is competitive, and the products of various specifications are successively certified by panel manufacturers. In the future, the market share of LED heat-dissipating aluminum substrates is expected to increase gradually.

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