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Single-Sided Flexible Printed Circuit Board

Single-Sided Flexible Printed Circuit Board

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Min. Order: 1 Piece/Pieces

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Basic Info

    Urgent Prototype: 24-48 Hours

    PCB Prototype: 1-3 Days For Shipment

    Surface Treatment: Immersion Gold 1 Mil

    Application: Automobile PCB

    Type: Single Sided FPC Circuit Board

    Size: 82*120.73 Mm

    Minimum Drilling: 0.2mm

    Plate Thickness: 0.23mm

    PI Reinforcement: 0.2mm

    Line Width / Line Distance: 0.5mm/0.2mm

Additional Info

    Packaging: Vaccum Package

    Productivity: 10000

    Brand: JHY PCB

    Transportation: Ocean,Air

    Place of Origin: China

    Certificate: ISO9001

Product Description

Single-Sided Flexible Printed Circuit Board, Single Sided Flexible PCB Manufacturer

Flexible circuit board, also known as " Flexible PCB ", is a printed circuit made of flexible insulating substrate. Flexible Circuits provide excellent electrical performance, can meet the design needs of smaller and higher density installation, but also help to reduce assembly processes and enhance reliability.

Flexible circuit board is the only solution to meet the requirements of miniaturization and mobility of electronic products. It can be freely bent, wound and folded, can withstand millions of dynamic bending without damaging the conductor, can be arranged arbitrarily according to the spatial layout requirements, and can move and expand freely in three-dimensional space, so as to achieve the integration of component assembly and conductor connection.

Flexible circuit boards can greatly reduce the volume and weight of electronic products, which is suitable for the development of electronic products in the direction of high density, miniaturization, and high reliability.

Flexible Printed Circuit board is generally divided into single-sided flexible PCB and double-sided flexible PCB. Among them, single-sided FPC is widely used.

Here is a FPC we have produced and its process

FPC Single Sided PCB Board

One-sided FPC Test Board
FPC Single Sided PCB Board

Application: Vehicle Navigation
Type: Single FPC Flexible Circuit Board
Size: 68.2*115mm
Tolerance: ± 0.03mm
Plate thickness: 0.13MM
PI reinforcement: 0.225mm
Surface treatment: Immersion Gold 1 Mil
Line width / line distance: 0.3mm/0.8mm
Delivery: 24-48 hours for urgent prototype/Sample 1-3 days for shipment

One-sided FPC Test Board

Application: test fixture
Type: Single-sided FPC test board
Minimum line width / distance: 0.14mm/0.11mm
Tolerance: ± 0.03mm
Thickness of finished product: 0.13 + / -0.03mm
Surface treatment: Immersion Gold (120 mil thick nickel; 3 mil thick gold)
Delivery: expedited sample 24-48 hours / sample 1-3 days delivery

Single Sided FPC Circuit Board
Single Sided FPC Flexible Board

Single Sided FPC Circuit Board

Application: communication equipment, tablet computer
Type: single side FPC circuit board
Linewidth/spacing: 0.73mm/0.54mm
Tolerance: ± 0.03mm
Thickness: 0.13MM
Surface treatment: Immersion Gold 1 mil
Other: expedited sample 24-48 hours / sample 1-3 days delivery

Single Sided FPC Flexible Board

Application: automobile lamp
Type: Single Sided FPC Flexible Board
Tolerance: +0.03mm
Plate thickness: 0.23mm ± 0.03mm
PI Reinforcement: 25UM
Surface treatment: oxidation resistant OSP
Other: expedited sample 24-48 hours / sample 1-3 days delivery

Single Sided FPC PCB Board
Single sided FPC PCB Cable

Single Sided FPC PCB Board

Application: Automobile
Type: single side FPC circuit board
Size: 82*120.73 mm
Minimum drilling: 0.2mm
Plate thickness: 0.23mm
PI reinforcement: 0.2mm
Surface treatment: Immersion Gold 1 Mil
Linewidth/spacing: 0.5mm/0.2mm
Other: expedited sample 24-48 hours / sample 1-3 days delivery

Single sided FPC PCB Cable

Application: medical equipment
Type: Single Sided FPC Arrangement
Size: 15.5 * 170mm
Line width / line distance: 0.3mm/0.2mm
Minimum drilling: 0.2mm
Plate thickness: 0.13MM
PI reinforcement: 0.225mm
Surface treatment: Immersion Gold 1 Mil
Other: expedited sample 24-48 hours / sample 1-3 days delivery

Jinghongyi PCB is a professional PCB Prototype and small and medium batch production and manufacturing enterprise of PCB.

All enterprises are attaching importance to technology and quality. For Jinghongyi PCB, quality and technology are not the "object" to be promoted. It is the embodiment of the "future value vision" of Jinghongyi PCB itself.

The FPC production of Jinghongyi PCB, with product quality, promises to customers.

The quality of Jinghongyi PCB technology has been recognized not only in the domestic market but also in the global market. Jinghongyi PCB technology is becoming the leader of the FPCB industry. In the future, Jinghongyi PCB will develop into a global enterprise that plays a leading role in the FPCB industry market based on excellent human resources, top-notch production facilities, and leading quality competitiveness.

Single Side Flexible PCB

Single Side FPC is the most basic form of Flexible PCB, which forms a type of circuit on single-sided substrate Film with conductive copper foil or aluminum. Usually used as ables for connecting devices and devices and SubBoard for connecting with Main Board.

Double Side Flexible PCB

Copper foil is used on both sides of Base Film, and through Via holes are used to form the most common double-sided FPC flexible circuit board.

Multi layer Flexible PCB

Multilayer FPC refers to FPC products with more than three layers of flexible circuit boards. With the trend of high function and high density of electronic technology, Fine Patterns, and Laser Via Hole are becoming smaller and lighter. The application level of the Main Board and Touch Screen Board for general mobile products has gradually improved.

RFPCB Rigid- Flex PCB

Rigid-Flex PCB is the PCB that gives the advantages of Rigid PCB and Flexible PCB. In order to realize the connector connection between Boards, it is integrated PCB. At present, it is usually used in Camera Module and also in integrated MainBoard. Laser Via Hole Process is widely used.

Advantages of Flexible Circuit Board

Flexible Printed Circuit Boards are printed circuits made of flexible insulating substrates, which have many advantages that Rigid printed circuit boards do not have.

1. Free bending, winding and folding, arbitrary arrangement according to space layout requirements, and arbitrary movement and expansion in three-dimensional space, so as to achieve the integration of component assembly and wire connection;

2. The volume and weight of electronic products can be greatly reduced by using FPC, which is suitable for the development of electronic products in the direction of high density, miniaturization, and high reliability. Therefore, FPC has been widely used in aerospace, military, mobile communications, laptop computers, computer peripherals, PDA, digital cameras and other fields or products.

3. FPC also has the advantages of good heat dissipation and weldability, easy assembly and low comprehensive cost. The design of soft-hard combination also makes up for the slight deficiency of flexible substrates in component bearing capacity to a certain extent.

Main raw materials of FPC

Its main raw materials are right: 1, base material, 2, covering film, 3, reinforcing, 4, other auxiliary materials.

1. Substrate

1.1 Rubber Substrate

There are three main parts of adhesive base material: copper foil, glue, and PI. There are two kinds of single-sided base material and double-sided base material. Only one side of copper foil is single-sided base material, and two sides of copper foil are double-sided base material.

1.2 Rubber-free Substrate

The non-glue base material is the base material without the glue layer. Compared with ordinary glue base material, it has less middle glue layer, only copper foil, and PI. It has thinner, better dimensional stability, higher heat resistance, higher bending resistance, better chemical resistance, and other advantages than glue base material. Now it has been widely used.

Copper foil: At present, the thickness of common copper foil has the following specifications: 1OZ, 1/2OZ, 1/3OZ. Now, the thinner copper foil with 1/4OZ thickness is introduced. But at present, this kind of material has been used in our country and is being used in the ultra-fine line (line width and line spacing are below 0.05MM). With the increasing requirements of customers, this kind of material will be widely used in the future.

2. Covering film

There are three main parts: release paper, glue, and PI, which are only glue and PI in the final product. The release paper will be torn off in the production process and will no longer be used (there is foreign body on its protective glue).

3, reinforce

For the specific use of FPC materials, use in a specific part of the product to increase the support strength, make up for the FPC more "soft" characteristics.

At present, there are several kinds of commonly used reinforcing materials as follows:

1) FR4 reinforcing: The main components are glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin, which are the same as FR4 used in PCB.

2) Reinforcement of steel sheet: Composition of steel, with strong hardness and support strength;

3) PI reinforcing: The same as the covering film, there are three parts of PI and glued paper, but the PI layer is thicker, which can be produced proportionally from 2MIL to 9MIL.

4.Other auxiliary materials

1) Pure glue: This adhesive film is a kind of heat-curable acrylate adhesive film, which consists of protective paper/release film and a layer of glue. It is mainly used for laminating board, soft-hard bonding board and FR-4/steel sheet reinforcing board.

2) Electromagnetic protective film: paste on the surface of the board to shield.

3) Pure copper foil: only copper foil, mainly used for hollow board production.

At present, we are the main supplier of flexible circuit boards for smart wearing equipment. In addition, we also produce flexible circuit boards for 5G base stations, high-frequency PCB, high-speed PCB, radio frequency PCB, high-precision PCBs and Flexible Circuit Board Assembly services.

Flexible PCB Manufacturing Capability

Learn more about JHY PCB by exploring the manufacturing capability of Flexible PCB below. We can do more than you can imagine.

Items Manufacturing Capability
PCB Layers 1 - 8layers
Laminate DuPont PI, Shengyi PI
Maximum PCB Size(Length x Width) Single Sided PCB 480*4000mm
Double Sided PCB 480*1800mm
Multilayers 236*600mm
Minimum Board Thickness Single Sided PCB 0.05mm+/-0.02mm
Double Sided PCB 0.08mm+/-0.02mm
Multilayers As per Gerber
Finished Board Thickness 1-6L 0.05mm-0.6mm
8L 1.6mm
Min Tracing/Spacing Copper Thickness 1/3 oz: 0.076mm/0.076mm (1-6L)
0.05mm/0.05mm (8L)
Copper Thickness 1/2 oz: 0.076mm/0.076mm (1-6L)
0.06mm/0.06mm (8L)
Copper Thickness 1oz: 0.1mm/0.1mm (1-6L)
0.065mm/0.065mm (8L)
Min. Annular Ring 4mil
Minimum Hole Size 1-6L 0.2mm(8mil) (CNC)
8L 0.15mm(CNC)
Solder Mask Color Green, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow
Solder-stop coating---Coverlay PI and PET film
Silkscreen Color White, Black, Yellow
Surface Finish OSP
ENIG(Electroless NickLead-Freeion Gold) Ni thickness:2-6um
Au thickness:0.025-0.05um
Flash Gold Ni thickness:2-8um
Au thickness:0.025-0.15um
Immersion Tin Tin thickness:0.5-1um
PlatingTin Tin thickness:1-10um
Laser cuPunching
Special technologies Peelable solder mask
Gold fingers
Stiffener (only for PI/FR4 substrate)
Impedance Control+/-10%
Rigid Flex PCB

Looking for ideal Single-Sided Flexible PCB Manufacturer & supplier ? We have a wide selection at great prices to help you get creative. All the Single-Sided Flexible Circuit Board are quality guaranteed. We are China Origin Factory of Single Sided Flexible PCB. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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