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10 Layer PCB

Product categories of 10 Layer PCB, we are specialized manufacturers from China, Printed Wire Board, Custom PCB Board suppliers/factory, wholesale high-quality products of 10 Layer PCB R & D and manufacturing, we have the perfect after-sales service and technical support. Look forward to your cooperation!

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  • 10 Layer PCB Immersion Gold

    10 Layer PCB Immersion Gold

    • Brand: JHY PCB

    • Packaging: Vaccum Package

    Multilayer PCBs with up to 48 layers In addition to printed circuits we also produce multilayer PCB boards which are indispensable for modern HDI layouts These are suitable for all designs with high packing density Whether you need multilayer PCBs with 4 8 10 12 or up to 48 layers we are ready as an experienced...

  • Good Quality 10 Layer PCB

    Good Quality 10 Layer PCB

    • Brand: JHY PCB

    • Packaging: Vaccum Package

    We manufacture multilayer PCBs all the way up to 12 layers Request a quote online or call us to discuss your requirements and receive a quote PCB Layer Stackups And What You Need To Know Your printed circuit will have outer layers ground planes a power plane thickness to keep track of and vias alongside a number of...

  • 10 Layer PCB Circuit Board

    10 Layer PCB Circuit Board

    • Brand: JHY PCB

    • Packaging: Vaccum Package

    10 layer PCB Circuit Board Usually 10 layers PCB Circuit Board are HDI board but some are not Some with big trace width and space holes are over 0 3mm too We have much experience in doing 10 layer PCB Circuit Board A ten layer board should be used when six routing layers are required Ten layer boards therefore usually...

  • 10 Layer Multilayer PCB

    10 Layer Multilayer PCB

    • Brand: JHY PCB

    • Packaging: Vaccum Package

    10 Layer Multilayer PCB Multilayer PCB s represent one of the most complicated products in the PCB industry a breakdown of a multilayer PCB shows that it consists of three basic elements thin rigid laminates prepreg sheet for bonding the laminates and copper foils Purpose of multilayer PCB 1 To accommodate a larger...

China 10 Layer PCB Suppliers

10 Layer PCB Stack Up thickness, Design and manufacturing

Usually, 10 layer PCB is HDI board, but some are not.

10 Layer PCB Stack Up And Design

Regardless of the number of layers constituting the circuit board design, pad spacing, clearance, trace widths, copper weights and drill hole sizes must be tailored to your contract manufacturer (CM). If your design requires multiple layers, you need to consider additional DFM specifications for signals through vias, power and ground wiring, and PCB stackup.

For 10-layer PCB Manufacturing, it is necessary to determine the number of layers, their arrangement or stacking, and the type of material. These choices require coordination between thickness constraints; material parameters; such as dielectric constant, thermal expansion coefficient and electrical strength; signal type isolation and drilling options. For PCB Assembly, wiring options and their impact on welding process are very important. The function of CM limits the choice of vertical aspect of design.

When your PCB needs six layers of routing, you should choose to use ten layers of PCB. Because ten-layer circuit boards usually have six signal layers and four planes. Of course, we do not recommend the design of more than six signal layers on the 10-layer circuit board. Ten layers are also the largest number of layers, which can be easily manufactured on 0.062 inch thick sheets. Occasionally you will see a 12-layer PCB made of 0.062 inch thick board, but there are not many manufacturers who can make 12-layer circuit boards. Just right, besides making 10-layer circuit boards, we also have very rich experience in manufacturing 12-layer circuit boards.

High layer count boards (10 +) require thin dielectrics (usually 0.006 or smaller on 0.062 thick plates), so they are automatically tightly coupled. After stacking and wiring properly, they can meet all our goals and have excellent EMC performance and signal integrity.

a very common and nearly ideal 10 layer PCB stack up.
This is a very common and nearly ideal 10 layer PCB stack up.

The reason why this stack has such good performance is the tight coupling between signal and return plane, the existence of high-speed shielding signal layer, multiple grounding layers, and tightly coupled power supply/grounding layer pairs in the center of circuit board.

Another possible stack-up for a ten-layer board
Another possible stack up of 10 layer PCB

This 10-layer PCB stacking up method abandons closely spaced power/ground pairs. In return, it provides three signal routing layer pairs, shielded by the ground layer on the outer layer of the board, and isolated from each other through the internal power supply and the ground layer.

10-layer PCB stackup with two external low-frequency routing layers
10-layer PCB stackup with two external low-frequency routing layers

This 10-layer PCB stackup allows the routing of orthogonal signals near the same plane, but in the process, the closely spaced power/ground plane must also be abandoned.

In addition, we list some other stacking methods of 10-layer circuit boards for your reference.


10 Layer PCB Thickness

0.062'' 10 layer PCB stackup thickness

0.062''10 Layer PCB Stackup thickness

0.093'' 10 Layer PCB Stack UP thickness

0.093'' 10 Layer PCB Stack UP thickness

10 Layer Stackup - 1.6mm thickness
layer order layer name material type material description dielectric constant thickness copper weight
1 top copper signal 0.035mm 1 oz
7630 prepreg 4.7 0.2mm
2 inner 1 copper plane 1 oz
core 4.6 0.2mm
3 inner 2 copper plane 1 oz
2116 prepreg 4.5 0.12mm
4 inner 3 copper plane 1 oz
core 4.6 0.2mm
5 inner 4 copper plane 1 oz
2116 prepreg 4.5 0.12mm
6 inner 5 copper plane 1 oz
core 4.6 0.2mm
7 inner 6 copper plane 1 oz
2116 prepreg 4.5 0.12mm
8 inner 7 copper plane 1 oz
2116 prepreg 4.6 0.2mm
9 inner 8 copper plane 1 oz
7630 prepreg 4.7 0.2mm
10 bottom copper signal 0.035mm 1 oz
Final board thickness: 1.6mm±0.16mm


10 Layer PCB Application

With the rapid development of today's increasingly complex multi-layer PCB, machines and equipment in various industries - commerce, industry, medicine, government, Aerospace - continue to grow in terms of speed, capacity, compactness and ease of use.

8, 10 and 12 layers of multi-layer PCB are useful in many high-tech equipment and computer systems. In recent decades, the development of multi-layer Printed Circuit Boards has led to the rapid development of computer technology - from the previous Gigabit system to today's GHz machine.

Especially 10-layer PCB, which is widely used in the following industries: Preamplifier, Satellite Dish, GPS Tracking Devices, SAN Storage, AC Drives, GSM Signal Booster, Mobile Broadband Router, Inverter 220V, Memory Module, Automotive dashboards

Cheap 10 Layer PCB manufacturing services

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